Round Tablecloth Coated (VALDROME / Picoli. corail)

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French tableclothsProvence round tablecloth, acrylic water repellent coated /VALDROME
Provence brand VALDROME, Picoli

indiennes valdrome 
 provence mouche French Tablecloth details provence mouche
Design & finish:
all over - tape finishing
< acrylic coating >
cotton 100% + coating
61" = 155 cm
Care instructions:
please check here

Ideal for everyday use! Easy to clean, Easy to wipe!!
With this tablecloth we combine the robustness and flexibility of a quality cotton with the ease of maintenance of vinyl tablecloths.

The natural cotton of this tablecloth is coated with acrylic making it dirt and stain proof. Acrylic is also an excellent water repellent.

Made in France Fabric

Daily care, is then really easy: just wipe the tablecloth with a wet sponge or cloth. Don't be afraid anymore to daily use a quality tablecloth with young children even outdoor. Ideal for everyday use ♪

Despite of the acrylic treatment this tablecloth can be washed in a washing machine as a non coated tablecloth.

Our 100% cotton tablecloths are made from high quality dyed yarn. They are thus more resistant to the use of time, washing and sun.

Their colors, motives, whether traditional or modern, are typical of Provence, of its flora and climate that have made its reputation worldwide. They will assuredly lighten your table with the sunshine of Provence to let you enjoy even more delicious meals.

We also offer a wide choice of coordinated (or not) 100% cotton
dish cloths, table runners, lunch mats, tea napkins and many others.

Some other kitchen accessories such as aprons, pot holders, breadbaskets or plastic bag dispensers are also available in typical Provence colors. Please visit our Provence table accessories page for more details.

French round coated tablecloth

Provence round coated tablecloth

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VALDROME and the tradition of "indiennes"

Since 1946, the Valdrome company has dominated the production of the authentic "style Provencal", which perpetuates from a thousand year tradition. More than ten centuries ago, Indian and Persian craftsmen invented the reproduction of motifs on fabrics, first using an ancient stencil technique, then using paint-coated and engraved wooden panels. The secret of these "Indiennes" (Indian Canvas) or "Toiles des Indes" (Indies' Canvases) have been uncovered and brought back to France by world navogators such as Jean de Valdrome. He learned how to produce these beautiful printed fabrics shawls and scarves which, today, are part of Provence image. The "Tissu Provencal" (Provencal fabric)first appeared around 1740. It expresses a union of love between the Oriental art, and the country and floral patterns which festivily celebrate the southern France colors. The Valence factory was created in 1770, and developed a strong reputation for the quality of its printed fabrics. Its success called for the foundation of the Valdrome company in 1946. Valdrome prides itself in keeping alive the Indian Tradition, and only utilizes hight quality tools : pure mercerized cotton, wool serge and top quality water resistant color dyes. The basic colors of Provencal Fabrics are the red, wich comes from madder, the blue from the indigo plant, and the yellow from various plant' sap. Valdrome operates worldwide, and is specialized in the manufacture of table linen, fashion accessories, and gifts items made of padded fabric.


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Bulgomme french Table protector (undercloth)


*Water repellent
Water Repellent PVC and PVC foam materials combination makes this product a completely waterproof tablecloth.

Heat resistance

*Heat resistant and protectant
Protects up 100°C. Protects from hot plates and pans heat without damaging the table top, up to 100 degrees. (when laid under the tablecloth please note the heat resistance of the tablecloth)

washing machine washable
*Machine washable
Easy to clean. Just put in the washing machine like most of tablecloths! Fast dry.


calitex protege tableBuffer to protect the table surface. Functional anti slipping property. The most evolved undercloth!Compared to previous products, supple texture of the mat surface. Anti-slip, shock-absorbing function (keep your table top intact), new waterproof. Heat resistance (up tof 100 degrees!) has been added. To protect from any damage your table.

Especially recommended for glass or wooden tables.

Two layers of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam for cushioning. To lay between the table top and the tablecloth.

I had got a lot of customers asking " I'm looking for rubberized Provence Tablecloth, there is no manufacturer that produces the appropriate product". Then I stocked up the item. I am sure you will appriciate this table protection.
By way of undercloths you usualy find so many things but thin sheets! Here is a high standard product. This "Made in France" undercloth is used in french families from decades.

It can be cut to fit your table size. Washing mashine washable.

?ashing indicationwashing instructions


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